The Asia Pacific Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education, or better known as APacCHRIE is a Federation of the I-CHRIE which was established in 2002 to enhance the area of academic research throughout the hospitality industry as well as a forum to share these findings. In recent years CHRIE’s main focus has been to create an opportunity to share and exchange ideas, products and services to help advance the hospitality, culinary arts and hotel industry within the Asia Pacific rim.


The APac in APacCHRIE represents the Asia Pacific and the geographical boundary of APacCHRIE can be segmented to four areas as following:


Area I: East Asia (PRC, Taiwan, Korea & Japan)

Area II: Southeast Asia (ASEAN member countries & Indo-China)

Area III: Oceania (Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Islands)

Area IV: Indian Sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka) 






The 13th APacCHRIE Conference


The 13th APacCHRIE Conference will be hosted by AUT University from June 10 to June 13, 2015 in Auckland with the theme of HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM IN A GREENING WORLD: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES, acknowledges issues of sustainability facing hospitality, tourism and events research, education and practice.


This conference is an opportunity to engage in debate about how to adapt, innovate and be resilient at a time when sustainability has become a prominent issue. The conference theme also targets general issues around hospitality, tourism and events in a global community, and incorporates discussions related to adaptation, benchmarking, and innovation in related education, research, and practice.

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