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//building better b2b ecommerce with magento

building better b2b ecommerce with magento

no doubt about it. b2b ecommerce is a force to reckon with, capturing more and more investment dollars as time marches forward. ecommerce spending skyrocketed in 2014. and the spend-trend is destined to maintain throughout 2015.

of course, how to spend and with whom are two big questions facing b2b ecommerce
companies. but another question, perhaps just as important, looms: which ecommerce
platform is the right one? not an easy answer, considering the number of choices on the menu.
fortunately, one platform is rapidly gaining popularity on the b2b ecommerce front. many will
be surprised to learn it’s none other than magento.

flexible integration with third party apps

that’s right – magento. that mainstay of b2c transactions is now getting major attention in
the b2b realm. credit the platform’s flexibility around integration. exposure to product apis allows developers to seamlessly integrate with core-back office applications. silk has integrated magento with nearly every erp on the market including: oracle, sap, microsoft dynamics, netsuite, everest and many others. in addition to systems and third party apps, magento can often integrate proprietary, in-house systems.

customer groups

if you’re a b2b and b2c merchant, chances are you have different products for different customer groups. the magento platform has the native ability to restrict access to certain categories of the site based on specific customer groups. depending on customer group affiliation, upon login, customer a may have access to certain products, while customer b may have access to a completely different set of products. these unique catalogs increase customer value and allow b2b businesses to effectively and intelligently guide users through purchase with a distinct interaction.

recent b2b work

recently, silk proved magento’s b2b ecommerce prowess with a new site developed for
twinmed. one of the largest medical supply distributors in the u.s., twinmed services a vast
universe of hospitals, nursing homes, and other key healthcare facilities. silk’s mission was to
build a powerhouse b2b ecommerce site that could handle the supplier’s surging demand. the
chosen platform was magento.

drawing on its vast magento expertise, silk implemented a battery of solutions to make the
twinmed site a powerhouse. solutions included:

• integrating the site with twinmed’s erp system (microsoft gp).

• adding a recurring billing feature extension, which enables twinmed to bill customers
monthly. this precision process ensures the consistent shipment of products to customers
through an auto-pay feature.

• importing the company’s extensive product catalog. silk’s copywriting team provided
additional support, reworking catalog content to be more impactful. the process included
re-formatting and streamlining text to create a much easier reading experience.

• designing custom banners. silk worked closely with twinmed’s marketing team to
develop an effective marketing strategy to maximize banner impact.

as expected, silk’s array of magento solutions have improved both the responsiveness and
the user experience of twinmed’s b2b ecommerce site. we’re pleased to say that twinmed
continues to rely on silk for expert through our managed services program.
as with all of our other valued partners, we look forward to a long and productive relationship
with twinmed.