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silk software announces b2b solutions with magento and sap business one

irvine, ca – silk software’s team of ecommerce specialists announced today that they would be implementing b2b integration solutions with magento and sap business one. silk has aligned with sap business one, a leading erp software, to offer multiple b2b ecommerce solutions packages, thus fueling the integration of two systems at a competitive price. silk’s...
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silk elaborates on cross border ecommerece at imagine conference

streamline your business operations by integrating magento with sap business one!

grow your business with silk software

what b2b can learn from b2c using amazon’s experience as an example

as a long-time provider of magento b2b services, silk software consistently monitors the forces shaping the global business environment. one of these forces is amazon business. in the words of the powerhouse internet retailer, amazon business takes the best of amazon and tailors it to the needs of businesses.” this merging of business models clearly...
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silk creates special feature for b2b client

special orders made easy silk software’s acclaimed magento b2b services actually consist of several distinct solutions, each designed to enhance the performance of digital commerce. recently, our team had the opportunity to provide one of these b2b solutions to online retailer 8net. based in california’s city of industry, 8net is a prominent retailer of business...
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silk delivers mobile site & keeps sap business one integration working flawlessly

problem/challenge a great big world? not for amscope. the high-profile company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of microscopes and related accessories. from laboratories to classrooms, amscope products deliver microscopic vividness in a variety of settings. their customers cover the complete spectrum of disciplines and professions. scientists, healthcare professionals, industrial inspectors, metallurgists, and jewelers...
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retailer sees colorful future

  problem/challenge some people want a bit more choice when shopping online, especially when they’re in the market for sports apparel. it’s not enough to search by size, price, or style. for these demanding individuals, it’s all about finding just the right shade for their sporty shirts and pants. and that means searching by color....
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maximize the customer experience of your magento b2b website

to attract today’s savvy buyers, magento b2b websites must provide immensely satisfying customer experiences. â online retailers, however, still face numerous problems that can frustrate buyers to no end. fortunately, silk has developed a full battery of solutions that efficiently remove these roadblocks to high customer engagement. one of the most pressing issues facing magento b2b...
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silk offers marketing muscle backed by ebay enterprise

silk’s magento managed services consistently drive strong growth for our clients. but any records we’ve set are about to be shattered. the reason? silk has partnered with ebay enterprise, a joining of forces that will take our clients further than ever. why a partnership with ebay enterprise is big news for our clients in a...
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