Train-the-Trainer Session by The Total Simulator Company

The afternoon of the second day will feature a HOTS Simulation Train the Trainer (TTT) session, delivered by The Total Simulator Company. STR and HOTS are working closely together to organise this two day event. The HOTS Simulation provides an excellent platform for both students and industry professionals to continue their learning and development after completing other exercises and certificates, such as the CHIA certification.


The HOTS Simulation places participants into the position of managing a hotel business in a virtual environment that mirrors the real world. This enables participants to take what they have learnt previously and apply this within an experiential learning environment. HOTS is utilised by both education and industry to teach and develop skills relating to revenue management, benchmarking and much more. The STR Global STAR Report is a major component of the simulation, which enables participants to step into the position of revenue manager. This is a highly valuable exercise, which is being used to prepare students around the world for their first jobs in industry and with industry professionals to develop their skills and knowledge. 


This TTT session will feature a quick introduction to the HOTS Simulation for those who are unfamiliar with the program, before moving on to an interactive revenue management exercise. By the end of the session you will understand what the simulation does and how this can be applied. The easiest way to learn how to use the simulation is to experience it for yourself. This will be an interactive, competitive and fun session which will be a great way to finish the two day session.


For further information about The Total Simulator Company, please view our profile information on the sponsor’s page. We are really pleased to support the AsiaPac CHRIE Conference this year in Auckland and we look forward to seeing you there.