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silk builds a gateway from paris to china

they needed a gateway. only this would connect paris to mainland china. quite a leap.

the gateway was on the wish list of diptyque, world-acclaimed experts in the art of everything fragrant. whether visiting their brick and mortar paris boutique or their e-commerce store, you’ll discover fragrances that put the royal rose garden to shame. in their world-recognized collection you’ll find scented candles, perfumes, and just about everything else that makes environments and people more likable to noses.

like many e-commerce retailers, diptyque heard the knock. opportunity was on the other side of the door … opportunity in the form of a sizzling e-commerce marketplace in china. purchasing power was soaring in that nation. so was a hunger for foreign goods. and its consumers were shifting to e-commerce in a big way. add it all together, and you got a mind-boggling opportunity.

but you just don’t fling open the door when this one knocks. you must be fit to pass through
the marketplace gates. this means a china-compatible website that syncs with an infrastructure consisting of things like alipay, china’s paypal equivalent.

diptyque selected silk to create the ‘paris-to-china gateway’. experience played a major role
in their decision. silk’s magento-certified experts already had scores of e-commerce gateways
to their credit. they definitely were in practice.

silk’s developers created and implemented a full spectrum of strategies that provided diptyque’s china-based site with a wide open gateway to the vast online marketplace. drawing from their reservoir of magento expertise, the wizards labored unceasingly to plug the fragrance retailer into a chinese infrastructure populated by alipay,, taobao, and more. (rumor has it that the developers never slept throughout the process. but these are yet unconfirmed.)

the good news is diptyque’s e-commerce site has entered china without a hitch, squeak,
or groan. and it’s making steady progress thanks to silk’s ongoing and
exceptional customer service. how far will the gateway take them? that’s anybody’s guess