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super solution


these people see great distances … hear sounds undetectable by ordinary humans. but they are not superheroes. they’re the customers of supercircuits. launched in 1989, supercircutis provides cutting-edge audio and video surveillance solutions to everything from major corporations to individuals. current customer count surpasses 400,000 in the us alone. globally, that number probably reaches the moon.

scorching demand eventually took its toll on the supercircuits website. the existing platform simply couldn’t keep pace with the blistering traffic flow. the result was a retailer’s nightmare – uunstable search modules consistently displaying wrong items, product catalog management extensions not working properly. equally strained, the supercircuits server developed the habit of freezing up on visitors. what should have been a positive user experience was becoming a major headache… not exactly the route to greater customer satisfaction and increased sales.

all theses problems stemmed from the website residing on an outdated version of magento. released in july of 2012, supercircuits began to see the flaws of the old magento 1.10 platform. the solution? a magento upgrade to the latest version of magento enterprise.


supercircuits chose silk to restore the functionality and user-friendliness of its website. the decision was based on silk’s acclaimed magento solutions expertise and reputation for unsurpassed customer service.

silk conducted a thorough analysis of the supercircuit problem zones and mapped out a restoration strategy. a key target was the website’s outdated magento 1.10 platform, which was upgraded to magento enterprise 1.13. the magento upgrade provided much-needed muscle, speed, and precision, simultanseoulsy allowing for supercircuits to upgrade all of it’s existing modules to the lateset versions to ensure smooth and accurate functionality.

addressing the needs of mobile customers, silk also developed a mobile-responsive theme applicable to the full range of devices.


silk’s magento solutions provided the right balance of speed, power, precision, and flexibility necessary to restore the performance levels of now distinguished by consistently accurate searches and lightning-quick responsiveness across all devices, the transformed website offers an immensely gratifying user experience.

we’re pleased to say that super circuits continues to rely on silk for expert through our managed services program. as with all of our other valued partners, we look forward to a long and productive relationship with super circuits.